Financial Support

Scholarships are gift funds that are often awarded to students with high academic achievement and with financial difficulties; These are positive reinforcements for high achievers to continue striving to their optimum potentials and also assist students with financial difficulties to pursue their passion for learning. There are two types of scholarships available at USJ, they are:

  • USJ Scholarships
    The setting up of USJ Scholarships is to make our education accessible to those who are intellectually capable but financially handicapped.
  • USJ Community Scholarship Programme The USJ Community Scholarship Programme seeks to support the financial needs of promising students in pursuing their studies in our university. The scholarships are donated by various and prominent local institutions and individuals to students with outstanding academic performance.
USJ Scholarship Application 2016-2017
Application period: 5 September 2016 to 25 September 2016.2016-USJCommunity-Scholarships-List-Sep-04-16

On the 1st of December 2016, 69 scholarships were awarded to undergraduate students of the University of Saint Joseph.

Below are the sponsors that supports higher education in the community.

2016 USJ Community Scholarships List

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