Outgoing Exchange Students

Dear USJ Students,

The Student Exchange Programmes (SEP) is a great opportunity for students to explore other destinations, meeting other people and cultures, face a different educational system, and learn other languages while broaden horizons in a unique and memorable experience.

In view of this the University of Saint Joseph (USJ) has signed reciprocal cooperation agreements with reputable universities world-wide in order to maximize contacts with other countries and people with view towards education, cultural diversity and the enrichment of cultures to encourage students with more opportunities to study abroad by providing international education knowledge experience and cultural understanding you will add to complete your educational skills for a global job market.

Interested students please visit the column below for detailed information.

Our best wishes for a valuable and memorable experience abroad!

International Relations


Fall Semester: 22nd February – 12th March

Spring Semester: 1st – 23rd September


  1. Contact the IR at international@usj.edu.mo to learn which host institution offers better option for your study programme.
  2. Visit the website of the host institution for details.
  3. Send an email to IR at  international@usj.edu.mo, with followings materials:
  • Your motivation letter to join the Exchange Programme.
  • Copy of your transcript.
  • Copy of your passport.
  • A prioritized list of the host institutions.


Further information please contact:

Ms. Paula Mota
International Relations (IR)
Email: international@usj.edu.mo
Tel.: +853 8796 4440
Rector’s Office



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