Official Title: Assistant Professor | Coordinator for the Bachelor in Education programme

Faculty: School of Education


Short Bio

Elisa Monteiro was born in Mozambique, but grew up in South Africa where she completed her primary and secondary education. She received her Ph.D in Education here at USJ. Her research interests cover a range of topics in curriculum planning, pedagogy, scholarship of teaching and learning, and inclusive education. Elisa has been teaching at USJ since 2006. She's an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Psychology and Education and is currently the Bachelor of Education program coordinator. She teaches various modules in the undergraduate and postgraduate education programs. She has also created and taught a variety of English language programs for kindergarten through twelfth grade within schools and language centres, and has assisted in various teacher training programs.


Journal Articles:

Monteiro, E. & Morrison, K. (2014). Challenges for collaborative blended learning in undergraduate students. Educational Research and Evaluation, 20(7-8), 564-591.

Conference Papers:

Monteiro, E. (2016). Using reflective journals in teacher education and professional development. Paper presented at the International Conference on the Globalization of Second Language Acquisiton and Teacher Education, Fukuoka, Japan.

Monteiro, E. (2015). Teacher's roles and tasks in promoting effective collaborative blended learning in undergraduate students. Proceedings of the International Conference of Education, Psychology and Learning (ICEPL), Nagoya, Japan.

Monteiro, E. & Morrison, K. (2013). Collaborative, online and blended learning in undergraduate teaching and learning; symbiosis or marriages of convenience? Paper presented at the 8th eLearning Forum Asia (eLFAsia), Hong Kong.

Monteiro, E. (2006). Complexity theory, visible and invisible pedagogies in a kindergarten classroom. Proceedings of the Asia-Pacific Educational Research Association International Conference, Hong Kong.



Year 1 Master
Year 1 PGDE
Year 1 Bachelor
1.50 credits
2.00 credits
Year 2 Bachelor
3.00 credits
2.00 credits
Year 3 Bachelor
2.00 credits
Year 4 Bachelor
2.00 credits
3.00 credits