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The Faculty of Psychology and Education is a small learning community where students are known by their names and cherished by the faculty members.  We believe that there is no substitute for personal interaction, therefore communication, whether it is about academic issues or personal situations and struggles, is given priority.

Our main goals are to guide our students to excel in their field of interest, to provide them with means to effectively participate in professional, social and economic development, to encourage them to further develop relevant research in field of social sciences, and to incite them to cultivate integrity, tolerance, perseverance, wisdom, and creativity.

Making improved provision for education, counselling, human resource management and other service related professions, improving the quality of teacher education, as well as developing strategies for meeting intellectual, technological, demographic, and economic challenges, are all our ultimate purposes.

The Faculty includes local and overseas scholars in the fields of Psychology and Education, allowing students the opportunity of being exposed to a wide range of theoretical perspectives, policies and practices.

We regularly invite academics and researchers of different subjects to run seminars, workshops and conferences about topics linked to key controversial psychological, social and educational issues of interest in this region.

With our skilled academic staff and our students’ openness and creativity we are working to develop new forms of regional and intercontinental collaboration with partner universities and educational institutions.

Prof. Ana Correia


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