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The study of the Humanities concerns how we document, describe, understand and reflect upon the human experience: essentially whatever humans have thought, written, spoken or created throughout history. Hence the more traditional areas of the humanities - Philosophy, Language and Literature, and History – constitute the core of this area of study.


In the Faculty of Humanities at USJ, these areas are prime, showcasing a rich offering of Philosophy disciplines, the study of Chinese and Portuguese languages and cultures, and History and Heritage. In this way, we lie at the centre of the university, permitting interdisciplinary connections with other Faculties.


Our central goal is to teach and research diverse aspects of the human experience so as to enrich the knowledge and understanding of our students about their world, while imparting fundamental practical skills. Thus, in each area of studies, we are concerned with critical, logical thinking and observation, the ability to analyze, evaluate, translate and report through clearly expressed language. We also encourage our students to further broaden their learning experience by participating in international exchange programmes.


Clearly, the knowledge, skills and experience acquired in our Faculty are applicable to diverse career paths. Overall, we aim to foster the personal development of our students as citizens well equipped to shape our physical and social environment.


I welcome you to join us. Visit us on our website or at the Faculty!


Prof. Alan Norman Baxter
Dean of Faculty of Humanities, University of Saint Joseph





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