Faculty of Religious Studies

The Master’s degree in Religious Studies at USJ is an inter-disciplinary program, providing professional, academic guidance, and on site field work in the different Macau religious heritage spots, as well as in historical archives, libraries and museums. Courses focus on the study and interpretation of Asian religions in their theoretical (e.g. beliefs, myths, philosophy), practical (e.g., rituals, practices) and sociological expressions (e.g., groupings).

Typical Duration

2 years part-time (evening) programme

Teaching Medium


Total number of credits for graduation 



Saint Joseph Seminary (Largo de Santo Agostinho)

Programme’s Government Approval (In Chinese and Portuguese only)


Calendar – Classes are scheduled from September to July each academic year. Please refer to the official academic calendar for the most updated information.

Typically, classes take place three evenings per week, from 18:30 to 21:30. Exceptionally, classes may be scheduled on Saturdays or in additional weekday evenings.


The Programme offers a wide perceptive of knowledge to me in a closed community. Not only has it given lights to my Christian faith, but also I have a huge amount of fun in applying all the knowledge I have come across. Studying on the Programme has made me differently in facing various research questions, as well as paradoxes and daily issues. I have experienced a joyful and pleasurable moment here in finding eternal values amid lapsing literals, and felt like a privilege to have such an opportunity of doing so.

Benedict Keith Ip (2010 Graduate)
Research AssistantInstitute for the Study of Commercial Gaming
University of Macau

Study plan & description of modules

Students must complete all the following modules

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Year 1 Master
3.00 credits
12.00 credits
3.00 credits
3.00 credits
3.00 credits
3.00 credits