Lifelong Learning

Course Name:  Introductory course to minerals and rocks identification /礦物與岩石辨別概論課程 / Curso introdutório de identificação de minerais e rochas

Faculty: Institute of Science and Environment

Course description:

Identification of minerals and rocks is fundamental for the understanding of all earth sciences subjects. This course was designed for those who want to acquire the underlying skills needed to identify minerals and rocks in hand specimens or for those who want to upgrade their knowledge in mineralogy and petrology. It is particularly well suited for natural science teachers of all levels.

The course will cover the main properties used in mineral identification, how minerals form, and their relevance as economic resources. It will also allow participants to learn how to identify different types of rocks, understanding their geological significance and stratigraphic occurrence.

It is mainly a hands-on course where participants will train how to identify minerals and rocks from their properties.




Course Duration: 30 hours