Faculty of Social Sciences

Social work education and practice in Macau and China has undergone acceptance and recognition in the process of social, economic and sustainable development in this contemporary society and worldwide.

Macau (and the Region) has been experiencing disturbing social problems impacting children, youth / young people, individual adults and families such as suicide, trauma, teenage pregnancy, abusive homes, addiction (i.e., to gambling, alcohol / drugs, and internet / cyber/ virtual technology), dysfunctional family relationships, domestic violence, sexual assault / abuse / rape, violence (i.e., physical, emotional, psychological), culture and generation gaps, degenerating family and moral values, sexual dysfunctions and other biopsychosocial disorders to individuals and families.

These requires specialist social workers with intensive knowledge and training in Clinical Social Work.


Recommended Prior Knowledge:

Bachelor degree is required preferably in Social Work and other related social science degree, i.e., Sociology, Psychology, and other Behavioral and health Science courses.

For those who have no Bachelor in Social Work (BSW) degree, the foundation courses are pre-requisite such as: Introduction to social work, Casework, Group Work, Community Work, Methods and Skills in Counseling prior to enrollment to Master of Clinical Social Work (MCSW) program.


Evening Programme:   2 years

Teaching Medium:       English

Campus:                       Nape 3

Program Coordinator: Ma. Suzette M. Agcaoili, Ph.D.


Key Features


  • This program shares with all social work practice the goal of enhancement and maintenance of psychosocial functioning of individuals, families, and small groups. (NASW, 1984).


  • It is the professional application of social work theory and methods to the treatment and prevention of psychosocial dysfunction, disability, or impairment, including emotional and mental disorders. It is based on knowledge of one or more theories of human development within a psychosocial context. (NASW, 1984)


  • This program adopts, adheres and implement the international curricula, international Code of Ethics, principles and standards for the practice of Clinical Social Work.

Typical Career Options

Upon completion of the MCSW programme, our graduates may pursue careers in

  • Macao SAR government
  • National government agencies
  • Non-government organizations (NGOs)
  • International organizations / agencies
  • Medical/ health/ hospital social services
  • Juvenile delinquency / Adult Rehabilitation centers
  • Correctional and Rehabilitation centers
  • Children / Youth/ Women and Family Protective agencies
  • Religious / Spiritual / Pastoral Counseling Services
  • Psychiatric Facilities / Centers
  • Social Welfare and Health agencies
  • Humanitarian Affairs Offices/ Centers (local, national and international levels)
  • Crisis Response / Intervention & Support Centers
  • Trauma Recovery and Management Centers
  • Home for the Older Persons/ Elderly/ Orphanage/ Shelters
  • Family Services
  • Child Care Services
  • Drug/ Substance Abuse Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers / Facilities
  • Military / Armed Forces / Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Social Service / Community Centers
  • Residential facilities /centers for abandoned, neglected, abused & orphaned children /youth
  • Community Mental health centers
  • Counseling centers
  • Private Practice

Study plan & description of modules

The Main Modules comprise the core body of knowledge for the degree. All the students must take the following:


Main Modules (12 credit units)


  • Advanced Social Work Practice (3 credit units)
  • Counseling and Psychotherapy Skills (3 credit units)
  • Macro Social Work and Contemporary Family Issues ( 3 credit units)
  • Group Work Practice: Clinical Perspectives (3 credit units)


Specialization Modules (12 credit units)


Students pursuing a Clinical Social Work program in the Graduate School must complete the following specialized modules in Clinical Social Work:

  • Counseling and Therapeutic Practice: Advance Case Management (3 credit units)
  • Clinical and Psychosocial Interventions with Vulnerable and Dysfunctional Individuals and Families ( 3 credit units)
  • Traumatology, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Treatment (3 credit units)
  • Special Topics in Social Work (3 credit units)


Research Design and Methodology (3 credit units)

Dissertation ( 9 credit units)