Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions – USJ Admissions Office

I. Application

1. I can’t access the Maturity Exam. What should I do?

Ans: The Maturity exam is in your personal Dashboard. Please return to the original email sent to you by the USJ Admissions Office, and you will find the link to your Dashboard. Should you not be able to find this email, please contact the Admissions Office.

2. What is the Maturity Exam?

Ans: The Maturity Exam consists of two essay questions that aim to analyze applicant’s general knowledge about broad issues as well as their capacity to produce an educated, well elaborated argument.

3. I have studied in another college/university before. Can I transfer my credits from my current/prior studies to USJ?

Ans: You can apply for Recognition of Prior Learning. For that purpose, you should bring the transcripts, programme description and teaching hours of each module which have already been completed and fill in the respective “Recognition of Prior Learning” form which you may request at the Admissions Office. The Processing fee is MOP$2,000.

4. What can I do if I do not get the necessary document(s) I need such as the high school diploma when I do my online application?

Ans: Students may be conditionally accepted before submitting all required documents. They must then submit the documents as soon as possible, before their matriculation process can be finalized. Students who fail to submit all required documents will not be allowed to initiate their studies. Moreover, should the applicant fail to submit all required documents, USJ reserves the right to reject, refund or withdraw the applicant.

5. I am a foreign student.  What is the procedure for applying the student visa?

Ans: Foreign students will be given a Declaration by USJ stating they have been accepted as full-time students in one of our degree programmes. With this document they can approach the Macau Immigration Office to apply for the Student Visa. For detailed information, please click and read carefully the link of Macau Immigration Office:

6. If I am a People’s Republic of China passport holder, can I apply to USJ?

Ans: For the time being, nationals of the People’s Republic of China can only get a student visa to study at USJ if they possess a third-country residency.

7. Am I guaranteed to be accepted in my first choice?

Ans: No. Students may be accepted, or not, depending on the strength and timing of their application.

II. Interview

8. When will I know the result of my application after completing the interview?

Ans: The result of your application will be sent to your personal email according to the date stated by the Admissions Office.

III. Before enrollment

9. Can I change my programme application even though I have received the Acceptance Letter?

Ans: You can make this request by writing a letter to the Registrar, justifying your request.

IV. General information

10. How many students are there in USJ?

Ans: We are now having a student body of around 1,800 students that include 60 Pre-University students, 1300 Licentiate students, 440 Graduate students.

11. Is the degree in USJ recognized?

Ans: The University of Saint Joseph and the Catholic University of Portugal jointly award all degrees. USJ is an accredited university, and all its programmes are approved by the Macau Government, whereas the Catholic University of Portugal is an accredited university in Europe. Therefore, our degrees are widely recognized internationally.

12. How will be the academic calendar look like? 

Ans: Generally, our academic year begins in September and ends in June. For the detailed calendar of your programme of choice, please approach the Admissions Office.


For more information please contact USJ’s Admissions Office: / 8796 4455

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