I’m a Mass Communication graduate and at the time I was working here in Macau, I decided to take another course that may somewhat be related to my degree. I was trying to find out at the administration what course I can enroll in, when Professor Filipe Braganca introduced to me the Master in Design course, he told me about the course and I became interested and I know that it would be challenging and interesting, and communication was also involved as well as research, writing and drawing / sketching.

In the process of my study it was a welcoming experience for me, as the Master in Design course is something new to me, it opened a door for me to learn something that is different, more exciting and challenging. (…) Also, the working environment in our class was close knit, especially when we were doing projects and the thesis, we would help each other in our work. We would ask each other’s suggestion or we would openly suggest an idea and it would be appreciated. (…) The impact in my life was tremendous after having experienced it all and finally graduating, I can say I have weathered all sacrifices and pain. Plus, the present desire to pursue the development of my thesis work by seeking financial funding, as I believe that it has so much potential at the same time it would benefit the community and the environment of Macau.

Marenella Carlos Santos (Master in Design 2012 Graduate) / from: Philippines

Marenella Carlos Santos